All Hands is now Breve

We’re changing our name! Read on to find out why.

It's been a little over a year since we launched All Hands, and we’ve learned that those who get those most out of it prefer regular, shorter, focused updates.

“All Hands” as a name doesn’t fit that use as well as we’d like - implying that you need to use the product for everyone all at once rather than just the folks who need to hear what you’re saying.

So, we have a new name - Breve.

Breve is part of the root word of “briefing”, which is much closer to what customers are doing with our product - sending out pre-recorded updates for everyone to get through at their leisure. It can also mean a musical note (worth two whole notes), an unstressed vowel, a type of coffee (“information espresso” indeed!) and sounds a little like “breathe” - the relaxed breath you get to let you when you realise you don’t need to wake up at 3am in your time zone to listen to a briefing!

You can now find us at and @BreveHelp on Twitter.

Everything else about the service will stay exactly the same.