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  • Team engagement insights
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  • Integration with Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Full history of updates

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  • On-premises installation
  • Full audit logging
  • Dedicated support
  • Integration assistance
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What about...?

What if my team doesn’t like it?

You’re putting your team in control so we’re confident that they will love it. We’ve had really great feedback from the teams at companies like Timely and Atomic. Breve is free for your first update – so why not give it a go and tell us what your team says?

How do I do Q&A?

Breve lets you collect general questions before sharing, and integrates with your Slack (Microsoft Teams coming soon) for discussion while your team watches the update. This is much better than letting one meandering question hijack your entire team.

Live is much more authentic

Yes, a live meeting is an important part of building team culture and there is no reason to stop doing those. But they don't need to happen every week. Breve is for the more frequent updates in between when you are able to get everybody together at the same time.

Can’t we just record the meeting and upload it?

Now you have two meetings — the “real” one that people in the office on the day can attend, and a fuzzy copy with crappy audio that cuts off before the end that you’re forcing everybody who can't attend to watch. Also, you don’t have analytics so you can’t improve.

People won’t watch if we send out a video

It’s true that Breve doesn’t force your team to engage. For that you’ll need relevant and well-presented content. But Breve can give you real and actionable feedback to track what is getting attention, which is much better than just watching who is staring at their phone or checking email during your in-person meetings.

It’s easier to just grab everyone on a Zoom

It might be easier for you, but it means that everybody else has to reschedule their work. Pre-recording means you can think more carefully about the information you want to communicate and ensure that you cover everything, and everybody can see and hear you in full colour with no stress about flakey internet connections or the dog barking when you forgot to mute.

“I just sat back and enjoyed my first Breve with a steaming cup of coffee and it 👏 was 👏 awesome 👏”
Ben Pujji
Ben Pujji
Leads a team of 12 people

We’d love to show you how Breve can help improve your employee engagement, while saving you time and money on meetings