Pre-recorded video updates for remote teams

Effortlessly record and send video updates to your team and measure their engagement to improve

How it works

Record your update

Record your update

It’s easy to record your portion and add anyone who needs to contribute. No extensions, no apps to download - do it from your phone. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to update.

Share it with your team

Share it with your team

Share where your team is (Slack, Microsoft Teams), and wherever they happen to be working. No need to break into their calendars. Perfect for distributed teams.

Do it again, better

Do it again, better

No more “update treadmill” — see exactly who you reached and use that to make the next one better. Open the floor for Q&A updates, and get qualitative feedback from your team.

For CEOs and Managers

  • The world won’t wait for your next scheduled Breve - easily and quickly let the team know what you think.
  • High bandwidth communication - pre-recorded video means people get the other 70% of your message without having to sit next to you.
  • What did they hear? Track who is engaged with your message and use that information to become more effective.

Show and Tell for Product Leaders

  • Demo product changes to all your stakeholders without having to find space in their calendars.
  • Collect updates from each team and easily stitch them all together.
  • See who is interested and who might need some more follow up.

For People and Culture teams

  • Build engagement for distributed teams. Celebrate milestones or let anybody show off some great things they’ve done.
  • Respect your team - get them the information they need without disrupting their work, and fit around their schedules.
  • Include everybody - it’s so easy to have different presenters there’s no excuse not to. Make presenting more accessible by letting your team pre-record.
“I'm recommending Breve to every leader who is trying to make their team-wide updates more meaningful.”

Companies get a
47% higher return
from leaders who are effective communicators

- Willis Towers Watson

Effective updates that actually happen

No need to worry about trying to find a space in crammed calendars - send your updates whenever it makes sense.

Include the right people - add presenters easily, let your whole team say their piece.

Share to Slack and Microsoft teams, meet your team where they are.

Get regular reminders to build the update habit

Keep everybody in the loop wherever they are

Doesn’t matter if they are in a different timezone, working from home, or picking up the kids from childcare - your whole team gets to watch the same update.

Automatic AI closed captions, super-fast CDN video delivery and playback speed give your team all the online video mod-cons.

Emoji reactions, feedback and Q&A help your team stay involved.

Use analytics to make your updates awesome

See who is engaged and exactly which parts of your update were most important to them so you can go deep on that next time.

Everybody who presents can see their own stats - level up the quality of your team’s communications too.

Collect qualitative feedback and ask for Q&A, sync up afterwards in Slack - no more wondering what your team heard, now you know!

We’d love to show you how Breve can help improve your employee engagement, while saving you time and money on meetings